Digital Signage or the ability to deliver your messages onto screens to connect with your audiences has come a long way. Today, providers like Netpractise provide the software, screens, solutions and support, taking care of everything that’s necessary to deliver your project.

So what does Digital Signage do?

These days we all buy a train ticket on a screen, use a digital map to find our way or look at a dynamic advert while waiting in a queue; Netpractise are your Digital Signage project people. We look forward to hearing from you.

It’s an extraordinary business. It personifies what can be achieved by entrepreneurs who embrace challenges and recognise the opportunities on offer in today’s global markets.

Richard Noble OBE

The TEW Group has been operating since 1914.

Join us in our Centenary celebrations!

  • Our Engineering Adventure

    Our Engineering Adventure

    On a wet and cold Monday morning it’s difficult to look at our own Engineering Groups efforts as an “adventure”. Indeed much of what most businesses get up to can be spectacularly mundane and repetitive. Sometimes, of course, this is essential and in our case, replicating high quality and standards is exactly what our clients want.

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  • Engineers aren't creative?

    Engineers aren't creative?

    It’s the act of creation that drives the application; that solves the problem; the skill of being able to overcome any obstacle with creative flow.

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