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  • Our Engineering Adventure

    Our Engineering Adventure

    On a wet and cold Monday morning it’s difficult to look at our own Engineering Groups efforts as an “adventure”. Indeed much of what most businesses get up to can be spectacularly mundane and repetitive. Sometimes, of course, this is essential and in our case, replicating high quality and standards is exactly what our clients want.

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  • Engineers aren't creative?

    Engineers aren't creative?

    It’s the act of creation that drives the application; that solves the problem; the skill of being able to overcome any obstacle with creative flow.

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  • Apprenticeships Now and Then: A Tale of Two Apprentices

    Apprenticeships Now and Then: A Tale of Two Apprentices

    Apprenticeships today are highly valued and a rich source of skilled labour, developing tomorrow’s skilled engineers and professionals. The reputation and significance of apprenticeships has ebbed and flowed, dependent on government policy. So how have apprenticeships changed over the last 60 years, and what is it like to be an apprentice today?

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  • Jelly Bean Flavour

    Jelly Bean Flavour

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  • And the Winner is..

    And the Winner is..

    The TEW group were awarded the 2014 Excellence in Manufacturing award by the Nottingham Evening Post and sponsored by Barclays last Thursday, 1st May.

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  • HS2 Two

    HS2 Two

    Sir David Higgins has said he wants to accelerate the construction of HS2 and see Britain be more ambitious with its high-speed rail plans.

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