And the Winner is..

Nottingham Evening Post Business Awards

I have to say it’s a nice feeling to be Award Winners!

To explain, The TEW group were awarded the 2014 Excellence in Manufacturing award by the Nottingham Evening Post and sponsored by Barclays last Thursday, 1st May. The awards ceremony at the East Midlands Conference Centre was a really fine affair with a slick presentation team & very well organised by the Champions Agency.

So, now, after the event and some of us have recovered from sore heads, we’ve now had some time to reflect on what the event means to a business such as ours?

As the description suggests, the award is for our efforts and subsequent excellence in manufacturing and what we do. However, the Manufacturing sectors share of the UKs GDP in the UK, we are told, has steadily fallen since the 1960s. While in that time, heavy industry such as steel making employed thousands of people and producing large volume. Now, efficiency has proved that the same volumes can be produced by fewer people & with increased automation. In fact, businesses such as TEW have become highly efficient and are also responsible for innovation of the same labour saving machines that have revitalised new manufacturing sectors.

Engineering and allied industries comprise the single largest value added sector, contributing nearly a third of all manufacturing activity. Within this sector, automotive & rail was the largest contributor, with a number of global car manufacturers being present in the UK. These include a number of the groups end clients such as Network Rail, Jaguar-Land Rover, Toyota and other manufacturing giants.

So manufacturing is buoyant and for company’s such as The TEW group prepared to invest in people, technology and importantly, time to develop; rewards will be richly welcomed and deserved.

In our Centenary year, to accept the title of the” best in Manufacturing Excellence” has been a legacy we can now offer for those who will be part of the TEW journey, hopefully over the next 100 years!

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